Interesting facts.
We learned to see men who stare at women's breasts. But even women who expose it enough. It is known that discovered décolleté, is an advanced way of flirting. Despite that not all men of understanding some signals, and its exposure has a language explanation. What want to show women in discovered décolleté? Besides that, attention attraction, nothing else. Usually, resolved to expose breast, in environments where we want to attract, one's attention. The French culture is a fact: Women with breast uncovered, are seeking partner. This is seen as a sign that attracts the attention of men. So I am here, come to take....

What didn’t know about women's breast men? Interesting facts.
 The shape of the female breast is variable.
If for a long time, sleepy overthrown, change the shape of their breasts. So if a girl sleeps with stomach every night, you will see that her breasts will receive oppressed form.

The size change each month.
When you read it seems weird. But in fact this is true. Breast rise when we are close to menses. Two days before the cycle comes we have enlarge, on the size and rotund. This Form was kept, even for the day as the to be with menstruation. After menstruation, breast takes shape and dimensions previous.

 Women “fraud “with its size.
The trend of women is to look at the big breast, even if you do not have. The choice of bra is a form of "fraud". So have bra with filling (silicon)... They make breasts appear some big numbers.

 There is an average weight for breast.
Normal weight for breasts is between 0.5 - 1 kilograms. But this is not something fixed and well-defined. There are women who have smaller the other greater. (Weight with large breasts reaches 20 kg, which makes the record.)

Most soft and dry in the body of a woman.
The female Breast contains even the most delicate part. Is the area where the pain is felt more quickly and easily. Also, the area is very dry. (So gynecologists always suggest the use of moisturizing creams).

 Science, search is still in process, for breast.
There have been many studies. But none has been effective for the theme they have had. It asked about the idea: Why breast is always round and raised. Research has launched many years, and is still being studied.

Breastfeeding babies, avoids disease.
Mothers who feed their babies breastfeeding, are less affected by the risk of heart disease or cancer. This is because, with the production of milk, put in work more glands. That makes the body more resistant to diseases.

 Number of bra on the market, is tearing.
You may not believe it, but in the world market there are lots of 4 million bra types. None like unto another.

 There are 7 types breast:
1. Breast set up forever.
2.  shaped pear.
3.  shaped triangular.
4.  shaped apple.
5.  large and rounded.
6.  small and collected.
7. silicone based.

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