Panama papers: Query about apple and google. Suspected of large companies like Apple, Walmart and General Electric have 1.4 trillion hidden in tax havens, apart from the profit of trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ moneys.

“Oxfam” alms news organization makes such a punishment , at the time when the financial scandal of “Panama Papers” has stirred world economy.This organization has strained that such an amount of money stored in an airtight network of subsidiaries 1,608 “offshore”. “Oxfam” pretence the report “Broken at the Top” that analyzes financial data from 50 of the largest US companies, was a rather illustration of the massive systematic misuse global tax system.

Apple, the second largest in the world, according to the organization turns to this hidden 181 billion in 3 subsidiaries “offshore”, followed by Microsoft with 108 billion dollars.

“Oxfam” regard that the task of avoiding American companies has cost the world economy about 111 billion dollars a year.
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