If you have problems with acne, orange skin can be your secret weapon!
We all have problems with acne at some stage of our lives. While for some this may be a transitory problem, for some other acne turn into a continuous problem and concern. This kind of situation is caused when the fat glands (sebum) our skin, produce more fat than usual. This thing close up the pores of the skin. The mixture of fat under the skin and hair cells in the pore, favors the development of bacteria, which cause an inflammatory response. The result is the creation of acne, often filled with pus.
Did you ever think that the solution to this problem is in your kitchen? Here it is possible because orange skin really does effect. You can use this fruit very well and to eat as is, so that you give vitamin C, and full of antioxidants, your diet. But do not throw the orange skin because it could be that the skin needs!
Orange skin has enough "skills". It helps in many levels for keep your skin healthy.
1. Throttle bacteria that cause acne
The bacterium that causes the formation of acne is called Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes). It was discovered that extracts of bitter orange skin that affect the murder of this bacterium. Even better than antibiotics.

2. Reduces production of fats
Often fat glands produce sebum (fat) majority. This blocks the pores and causes acne. Studies have found that nobiletina, a flavonoid found in the skin of orange, reduces the production of fat. Therefore if you have fatty skin, try to use this natural element.

3. Strengthens skin
Normally the skin creates a protective barrier itself against atmospheric contaminants. And to prevent the elimination of excess water. But when we have acne, this barrier is damaged. Using the orange skin reduced skin fragility. This is because of his skin extracts strengthen this barrier and skin giving it zest and freshness.

How to use acne skin orange?
There are several ways.
First you can simply apply directly to the skin on your face, massage gently in. You can also cut the orange peel in blender, creating a creamy mass, like paste. And then this can put on the skin of the face and leave for 5-10 minutes, and then rinsed with lukewarm water.

Another method is to dry orange peel. Once they dry, you can cut by being turned into powder. This is a more practical because it can save the dust for a longer time, even when there are no oranges for sale. Then mix with the dust with a little milk. And here you just prepared a super nutritious mask for your skin!
Note that the orange skin causes a sensation retreat skin. But do not worry, it's a natural effect.
However, it would be good to always before you apply, do a skin test, to see whether or not has allergies to ingredients that orange skin!

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