Legal liability to pay up in case of crash with car. An American driver who crashed as traveling with electronic car “Tesla”, running by an automatically pilot, inculpate for the crash and rectification for damage. The driver reject to take responsibility for the accident.

But a computer can be rectification ?

He says that whiles walking on the autobahn,, the car all of a sudden stopped in front of her and the automatic pilot failed to rein in time.

Company executives “Tesla” stated in a press conference held last week that the automatic pilot is evesn so drivers are instructed not to wiped never hands off the wheel.

Supposedly the problems of this kind with electronic machines and automatic pilots and not look so far away into the prospective. Just a few days ago, Google declared it would pay $ 20 per hour that people would use their cars with the automatic pilot, to test the life inside the state of Arizona.
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