Justice: The right of music and YouTube

Justice: The right of music and YouTube. Nowadays it is enough a computer or a device able to have access to the Internet and you can hear the song or stream your favorite music.

But the development of technology has brought an increase in consumption by other musical and has reduced the income received by the singers and for all have a guilty; that is Youtube.
BPI, which compiles statistics on musical consumption and income provided by this industry, says that in 2015 there was a 82 percent increase in clips played on Youtube, but revenue for authors of music grew just 0.4 per cent.

Much of music videos on Youtube from channel introduced Vevo, a broker who has a deal with Google. Here are many who question whether it is an agreement not in the proper way, and that should be reviewed?

Geoff Taylor says this is the smallest problem. According to him, it should amend the legislation in the United States and Europe. Until now, people who upload music videos that violate copyrights through social networks not charged. He says it is necessary a change that would allow the claim for infringement.