A hiccup is something that happens to everyone. Generally people do not know the reason why this thing was happening.
We learn, to hear the phrase funny about it. For example: 'Someone is talking bad about me, in these moments. Or "someone, is mention the name now. ‘Perhaps, until evening I will hear bad news.'

The reasons while picked up hiccups:
• eating quickly.
• Strong emotions like fear, anxiety, joy.
• Eating salty or spicy foods.
• Change the temperature in the stomach, drinking by something very cold to warm things.
• Consumption of alcohol in large quantities in a short time.
• Laughing out loud.

What can you do when picked up hiccups?
Usually hiccups leave after a few minutes. Except, in cases where you can have a health complication and should seek medical assistance. Ways to save from hiccups are numerous. And really look some even funny, but they out from the situation.

Read, it will probably need:
• Breathe and hold deep. Do not release per 10 seconds. So do 2-3 times.
• Drink, cold water, ice.
• Eat something sweet. It would be better, a spoonful of sugar or honey.
• Drink something sour. Fluid-containing acidic, it helps, to be released from hiccups.
  Drink a spoonful of, lemon juice or vinegar.
• Collect knees and hug them tightly.
• Close your ears for 30 seconds.

As mentioned above it can resemble funny way. But you are convinced that would remove hiccups so soon. Are ways that you bring from the embarrassment of having loud hiccup? If you feel embarrassed by it, try the one way!

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