Short history of the ecolution of social insurance in Albania. Social security systems during the monarchy of King Zog of German Chancellor Bismarck. In this time they stable before pension schemes, which were pre-contributor schemes for civil retainer and state employees of the armed forces. After reforms in social security after the start of World War II in 1947.

They keep with the adoption of Law no. 4171, dated 13.09.1966 “On social security in the People’s Republic of Albania”, this system was yet inclusive urban section employees, which pas  changes over the years to suit the needs and phase of social development.The social insurance system operated below the model of centralization, all was planned, were well determined parameters. The social insurance system operated below the model of centralization, everything was planned, were well defined parameters.This system was iclusive. This scheme has remained for many years, until 1990 political changes.

The need to adapt to the new conditions of social and economic necessity to become filed changes in the social security field, ranging from the reconstruction of the institution that would agreement with the social security administration.
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